Interior Car Cleaning Tips

Interior Car Cleaning Tips

A clean car is a happy car! And they just seem to drive better when they’re spotless and beautiful, don’t they? Here are some cleaning tips for car owners:

Interior Tips
The three basic steps to interior detailing are vacuuming, cleaning, and conditioning/protecting.

Vacuuming – Always begin interior cleaning with a thorough vacuuming. Use a crevice tool for hard-to-reach spaces and a small carpet brush to loosen dirt and lift matted carpet-pile. A softer round brush works well on the seats.

Cleaning – After vacuuming, clean all seats, headliner, dash and door panels. If you’re using interior cleaner, be sure to check for color fading on hidden areas first. If there’s any discoloration, use a very mild soap and water solution instead.

Conditioning & Protecting – After you’ve cleaned your interior, treat all interior vinyl and rubber with a good quality interior solution treatment, such as Meguiar’s or 303. Also do the dash every couple of months to prevent drying and cracking. These treatments leave a rich, natural gloss to treated surfaces without leaving an oily film.

Special Tip
Vacuum the interior before anything else, for these reasons:

  • If you vacuum after a major exterior cleaning, you’ll find yourself blowing dirt all over your freshly cleaned car.
  • It’s much easier to vacuum loose dirt from door jambs when the dirt is dry instead of muddy after washing.
  • If you vacuum first, you won’t be pulling an electric cord through water that has puddled in your driveway.

Glass Tips
Always clean your windows with towels or rags used only for cleaning windows. Residue from waxes and protectants just adds to the problems of getting glass completely clean. Light-duty household cleaners don’t cut through residue – the resulting smears and streaks will leave you climbing in and out of your car, cleaning your glass until it’s streak-free.

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